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Develop your wellbeing index by taking care of every aspect of your wellbeing.

Extensive library of activities from exercise to culture, and everything in between!

Wellness paths and video coachings created by our professionals.

Share experiences with your own community, it's easier to get inspired together!

All your activities are saved in your personal activity log. 

A versatile community and wellbeing app

Welcome to Vointy's community and wellness service!
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Vointy ™ connects

Vointy is a place designed to help everyone feel well and great and achieve their wellbeing goals.


Being active together and sharing experiences makes achieving goals more rewarding and motivating.  

That’s why we want work communities  to be environments where individuals can experience overall wellness, support each other, and enjoy themselves together.

Overall wellbeing

consists of a balance of physical, psychological  and social wellbeing.

The Vointy ™ index is a total measure of this equilibrium.  The Vointy wellbeing app provides tools and content to support overall work-life balance.


In addition, the app gives employers a valuable tool to survey the wellbeing of their work community and a way to help in improving it.

Vointy virtual wellbeing center for communities and companies!

Vointy serves all organisation no matter the size!

Let's feel great, together.

The query helps determine the starting level
The well-being index develops with you

I am glad we were able to implement this service and bring  something good for work communities. I hope we can spread the good feeling and well-being as widely as possible!

Riina M.

CEO, Vointy

For my part, I want to help people maintain and improve their wellbeing, health, inclusion and ability to work and function. It is a pleasure to see how many workplaces share this view.

Tuukka M.

Co-Founder, Vointy

It is really important to me that I feel well at work and in my free time. It is amazing to be involved in creating good feelings, health, positive encounters and wellbeing in as many work communities as possible!

Iikka K.


As told by our team

Let's start with Vointy

Let's start creating healthy organisations! Check out the benefits of our service below!

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