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Healthy staff

A healthy and happy staff is the company's most important asset to invest in. Vointy provides every employee with tools to develop personal wellbeing, but also a new social channel for the company, as well as a way to motivate employees collectively, create positive social encounters and improve team spirit.

hyvinvoinnin työkalu

A tool for developing wellbeing

Vointy is a tool and platform for developing wellbeing of personnel  in a way that connects, encourages and inspires. Human Resources will have access to a web application from which the level and development of wellbeing can be monitored.

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A tool for developing wellbeing

When employees feel better and are healthier, overall wellbeing and  performance at work improves. However, the personal wellbeing of each employee ultimately constitutes  the collective wellbeing of the work community and determines its level.

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Less absences

Healthy and happy employees are less sick and absent from work. Studies show that a wellbeing program in the workplace can reduce absenteeism by up to 37%.

Better atmosphere

A well-functioning, encouraging and balanced atmosphere in the workplace is a very important factor for wellbeing at work and coping at work. Vointy's communal and motivating features help to improve the atmosphere in the work community.

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Higher commitment

When employees feel that the employer cares about their wellbeing, commitment and loyalty to the employer increases. A sense of belonging also improves commitment, and employees are more likely to recommend the company as a workplace to others.

Better employer brand

Taking care of the wellbeing of employees reflects  your business as a modern and caring employer. 


Vointy is suitable for teams of all sizes!

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