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Vointy community- and wellbeing app, coming soon!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Your virtual wellbeing center

Vointy is a new community- and wellness app and your virtual wellbeing center. The mobile app provides content and tools to support your own activity, but it also works as a social channel for the work community to share their experiences and be active together. In addition, the app gives employers a valuable tool to track the wellbeing of their work community and a way to help improve it. Find out more about the features here!


We want to create a counterforce to sitting, passivity, stress, distance and disengagement. Vointy is an application that activates, guides and monitors wellbeing and supports being active and experiencing together in an inspiring and encouraging way.

The Vointy ™ index is an overall measure of physical, mental and social balance that guides the optimization of overall wellbeing. The index rises by performing versatile activities on a regular basis.


The app will be launched in the fall of 2022. Join our mailing list and follow the stages of the launch from our social channels!


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