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How can an APP improve work wellbeing?

Does your organization need tools to develop wellbeing at work? Have you tried apps that support wellbeing at your workplace? Vointy is a community and wellbeing application, which is rooted in a genuine desire to develop the wellbeing and sense of community of individuals in work communities of all sizes.

Workplace challenges include hurriedness, stress, fatigue, and passivity, among others. Organizations make every effort to promote workplace wellbeing and enhance coping skills. Introducing a wellbeing application to the workplace community is one technique, among others, to promote wellbeing.

The Vointy™ wellbeing app considers all facets of wellbeing, including social, psychological, and physical wellbeing. Vointy is a great tool for promoting overall workplace wellbeing, establishing a sense of community, and tracking workplace wellbeing.

In this blog post, we will tell you more about the Vointy community and well-being application and the benefits it brings to the working community.

Measuring wellbeing at work: getting started with mapping the initial situation

The use of the Vointy starts with mapping the employee's current, comprehensive state of wellbeing.

Employees first fill out the application's wellbeing survey, which determines the employee's Vointy™ index. This personal index increases as the employee performs activities or other exercises pre-defined in the application. The index can be considered a kind of work wellbeing indicator, which you can follow to see in which direction wellbeing develops.

Employee wellbeing at work should be measured and monitored because changes affecting that wellbeing are then more obvious and can be addressed as soon as possible. It is also possible to more effectively develop wellbeing when work-related wellbeing is measured.

Vointy offers significant opportunities for developing and monitoring wellbeing, for both the employee and the employer, when it is actively used in the workplace.

A meaningful wellbeing app for workplace communities

Does your work community have previous experience with wellbeing applications? Haven't previous experiments offered more than just an exercise diary? You may be wondering if it's worth implementing a new application - employees are already quite digital.

It's not a good idea to introduce new applications just for the fun of it, but there should be reasonable grounds for introducing them. The applications that are put into use should also bring relief to everyday life and working life instead of making things more difficult.

Vointy is not one more new communication application for the work community to use, but rather Vointy is a meeting place and a social channel for wellbeing. The application's function as a promoter of work wellbeing could develop into an important platform for communicating the state of the community's wellbeing without drawing too much attention at the workplace.

The wellbeing application encourages you to develop wellbeing in a variety of ways

Vointy's function in the workplace community is very clear: to promote wellbeing and promote a sense of community. The application encourages the development of wellbeing in part by measuring workplace wellbeing and developing a sense of community.

One of the best features of the application is that every member of the work community will surely find activities that they enjoy doing.

Right from the initial survey, the Vointy wellbeing application considers all aspects of wellbeing. Vointy is therefore more than just an exercise app where physical activity and sports come first in the development of work-related wellbeing. Vointy also considers activities that improve general wellbeing, such as naps and quiet reading time with a good book.

In Vointy, there are plenty of pre-defined activities. In addition to exercise and outdoor recreation options, the index can also be raised with activities related to mental wellbeing and culture. There are activities ranging from gardening and lunch with colleagues to jogging and gym training. Wellbeing is so much more than just sports!

Helppokäyttöinen työhyvinvointisovellus aktivoi käyttäjiä ja lisää yhteisöllisyyttä.

The easy-to-use work wellbeing application activates users and promotes community spirit.

How does the wellbeing app work?

The easy-to-use application can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. After downloading the application, the employee can log into the application using the organization's email address and the activation code given to the work community.

A questionnaire relevant to the initial survey is then completed by the employees, and the results are used to calculate the personal wellbeing index. The questionnaire is quick to complete, but thorough completion offers valuable information on the employees' present state of wellbeing. The more activities and the more diversified the variety of activities that employee engages in, the higher the well-being index climbs.

The application contains a wide collection of different activities from different wellbeing categories. The user has the option of making his completed activities visible to the community at large or only to himself when adding them to the personal activity journal. The activities you share with the community can also have pictures added, and other community members can react to the activities by leaving comments and likes.

With Vointy, it is possible to design various activity challenges for the entire organization or invite a coworkers to participate in an activity with you..

In addition to the activities, Vointy has the opportunity to conduct surveys to employees. This enables HR to quickly gather information about, for example, employees' current feelings or the state of their workload.

A workplace wellbeing app that benefits organizations of all sizes

Vointy is a wellbeing application that is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a small team or a large organization, there are functions that serve your organization in Vointy.

Smaller teams can use Vointy as a tool for team building - try new sports and activities together. Encourage and challenge each other towards better wellbeing!

Vointy is a fantastic work community activator for hybrid medium-sized businesses, encouraging both online and in-person interactions.

Employees from various teams or departments may not interact with one another in large organizations. Vointy allows even large communities to interact more closely and boosts team spirit beyond departmental lines.

Vointy offers one more tool for personnel services to monitor the development and wellbeing of the workplace community.

Regardless of the size of your business or organization Vointy wellbeing app is suitable for you.

Read more about Vointy's features for employers and employees. Contact us and let's start developing the wellbeing of your community together!


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