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Small teams

Vointy sopii pienille tiimeille

For smaller teams, Vointy is the perfect tool for welding teams together. 
It allows to experiment with new sports and activities together, and motivate each other 
on the road to better wellbeing.


Medium  communities

For medium size communities and businesses, Vointy is perfect integrative activator for hybrid work.
It creates positive social encounters and guides the work community towards each other perfecting the team spirit. 

Vointy sopii isoille organisaatioille

Large organizations

For large organizations, Vointy allows socializing with a small threshold
  and finding hobby friends. It increases togetherness, creates encounters and connects large communities into closer entities working together. To HR
it offers tools for contributing to the wellbeing of the work community.

Wellbeing for all kinds of teams

The Comprehensive Solution

Vointy is a comprehensive wellbeing-promoting solution that is suitable for every organization. It combines the opportunity to develop personal wellbeing, a socially inclusive environment at workplace and tools for HR for managing wellbeing at work.

Kuvia Vointyn mobiilisovelluksesta
Group of happy employees

More information about features?

Check out the features and benefits of Vointy

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