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Kuvia Vointyn mobiilisovelluksesta

The new level of wellbeing at work

​Vointy is a wellbeing platform for organizations and a tool for managing wellbeing at work. A new level of wellbeing at work is created together. Let's go!


  • According to a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (2018), work productivity can increase by up to €1.5/h thanks to taking breaks.


    ​ Vointy's break exercise videos and an easy-to-use optional break alarm help you keep the right rhythm during the working days.

  • ​According to the same study, sick leave can be reduced by up to 2 days/person by actively taking breaks during work days.


    Up to 37% Less sick leave days when the workplace has a wellbeing program.

  • According to Vointy's research, finding new employees is the biggest challenge for HR-experts. Providing a wellbeing program and taking care of the wellbeing of the personnel are very important issues in terms of employer image.

  • Team spirit in the workplace is one of the factors that most influence engagement. In organizations with high employee engagement it has been observed:

    81% less absences

    43% less employee turnover

    41% better quality of work

    18% more sales

    23% more productivity

    compared to organizations with low engagement.

    In a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, low social capital in the working community was associated with a 20-50% higher probability of depression, a 1.3-fold risk of sleep disorders and up to a 1.8-fold risk of declining health.

Wellbeing stats

Wellbeing and productivity go hand in hand in working life. Therefore, a healthy staff means a healthy organization, better productivity and a thriving profitable company.

Said by our users

The best part is strengthening the working community also in the form of leisure activities.

I have received new ideas for expanding my own ways of moving.

I appreciate that the application encourages to pay attention to the comprehensive improvement of wellbeing.

Guided exercises are really nice low-threshold things that support relaxation and recovery.

An interesting application that improves community spirit and challenges yourself to also try activities that others like to do.

A big plus for focusing on comprehensive wellbeing and not just on exercise.

​We want to improve overall personal wellbeing, sense of community in organizations and personnel management tools for managing wellbeing. These are Vointy's missions and goals, where we truly believe we can help.

Comprehensive wellbeing

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Explore the features!

​Data-driven wellbeing management is cost-effective

​Vointy makes managing wellbeing at work effortless and exciting with a data-based management tool with well-being data, pulse surveys and activity challenges.

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Happy Businessman

​Wellbeing is the biggest employee benefit that a workplace can offer.

Vointyn tiimi

Try it with zero risk

Vointy is available for free of charge for smaller teams to try. Also a 14-day free trial for the whole software. Start risk free now!

Let's start with Vointy

Let's start creating healthy organisations! Check below for features of Vointy!

I am glad we were able to implement this service and bring  something good for work communities. I hope we can spread the good feeling and well-being as widely as possible!

Riina M.

CEO, Vointy

For my part, I want to help people maintain and improve their wellbeing, health, inclusion and ability to work and function. It is a pleasure to see how many workplaces share this view.

Tuukka M.

Co-Founder, Vointy

It is really important to me that I feel well at work and in my free time. It is amazing to be involved in creating good feelings, health, positive encounters and wellbeing in as many work communities as possible!

Iikka K.


As told by our team

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