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Activates, guides and connects

Vointy mobile app is your personal wellbeing center with lots of content and features that help you to develop your overall wellbeing. 

hyvinvointikartoitus Vointy

Wellbeing survey

Your journey in Vointy begins with a wellbeing survey that goes through the aspects of your physical, mental and social wellbeing.  It determines your starting level in the app, and helps identify the real status of your wellbeing.

Vointy ™ index

Based on the survey, the app will set your Vointy index that reflects the overall state of your wellbeing. It takes into account all aspects of your well-being and  continues to develop  with your activity.



There are plenty of pre-defined activities to be found in the app, that will increase your index and improve your wellbeing. There are many sports and outdoor activities to choose from, but also activities related to culture and mental wellbeing. You can also bookmark favorites so that the app can recommend different activities for you.

Wellbeing Paths & Video Coaching

In the activities you will also find training videos guided by our professionals, exercises suitable for home or work, tips and various wellbeing paths that will help you take care of your overall wellbeing.  

​Hyvinvointipolut ja videovalmennukset
työyhteisön viestintäkanava

Sharing experiences

In your own work community's feed, you can share your own experiences with different activities and comment on and like other people's posts. Motivate your co-workers to come along next time!

Activity log

All your activities will be saved on your profile so you can conveniently return to activities you've already completed and track your own excercises and activities. 


Read more about wellbeing!

We regularly post useful content about wellbeing, activity and health on our blog. Check out our blog!

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