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Vointy - Wellbeing with minimal effort

What is occupational wellbeing? What components does it consist of? What can the employee himself do and how can the employer support the wellbeing of his staff at work?

Wellbeing at work means the employee's personal experience that their work is under control and everything is fine at the workplace. It is based on a balance between workload, the stress it causes, and the employee's resources. When an employee has enough skills, energy and support to perform their work, there are excellent conditions for experiencing wellbeing. Although taking care of one's own self-sufficiency is the responsibility of each individual, the employer can support health and wellbeing and also improve the employee's conditions for more productive work.

Change the perspective from savings to productivity

In companies, we are used to looking at occupational wellbeing and the investments made into it mainly through absence costs due to sick leave. The cost of one day of sick leave for the employer is on average €350-450. The costs of early retirement vary, but for example, a 35-year-old person earning a monthly salary of €3,000 has a life-cycle cost to society of approximately 1.2 million euros, and the cost to the employer is approximately two hundred thousand euros. Inability to work is therefore expensive, but only a fraction of the potential of welfare investments lies in its prevention.

Although the previous amounts sound large and the savings attractive, it is worth looking away from the savings alone. The development of operations and performance, which is the flip side of reducing sick leave, is a significantly more attractive goal and a more profitable investment target. When a person feels well and has good performance, their productivity, commitment and participation are significantly higher and more positive. The Wellbeing of its employees is therefore the company's most important capital, which is really worth investing in.

A successful wellbeing project improves productivity

A well-planned and professionally implemented wellbeing project has several positive effects. In addition to inspiring and motivating employees, it also has an impact on the company's image as an employer, the team spirit of the employees, and the attractiveness when engaging and recruiting employees. A successful occupational wellbeing project teaches participants to take better care of their physical and psychological wellbeing. It increases the knowledge and responsibility of the participants, but is also a good indication of caring and support from the employer's side. A successful workplace wellbeing project produces an average of six times, but even 10-20 times, the return for the euros invested in the wellbeing of the employees.

Better health and vitality

Vointy is an inspiring, unifying and change-supporting tool for developing staff wellbeing. It offers each employee tools to develop their own wellbeing, but also a new social channel for the company to activate, motivate, increase encounters and improve team spirit. The Vointy application is based on wellbeing mapping, from which a separate Vointy index is formed for each user. It can be developed by staying active in different ways. Vointy offers its users versatile activities from exercise to culture and nature experiences and encourages them to inspire and support others.

Vointy offers the employer an easy-to-use tool to monitor and develop the wellbeing of the work community. The personnel administration gets access to a web application, which makes it easy to monitor the development and level of wellbeing and to make necessary changes to the emphasis of investments towards further promoting wellbeing. For small companies, Vointy is an excellent tool for bringing the team together, while for larger companies it is an excellent activator of the work community in the hybrid era, which creates encounters and unites the large community into a more tightly functioning unit.

Our mission is to provide a great environment and productive workplace

Our mission is to create work communities into environments where individuals feel well overall, support each other and have fun together. By turning the eye from mere savings to the development of wellbeing and the improvement of productivity and performance of the employees, the savings will become a side effect of the overall wellbeing.

If you want to show a caring attitude to your employees and implement a work wellbeing project that improves well-being and productivity, feel free to contact us. Let's implement a project together that will do good not only for your employees wellbeing, but also for the profitability of your business!


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