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Vointy's idea came from a desire to respond to the growing need to develop wellbeing and engagement of individuals in work communities. We have found that many companies have realized the importance of caring for the wellbeing of staff and that only when individuals and the work community are doing well are there real opportunities to succeed.

We want to support individuals and communities on this topic and create a counterforce to sitting, passivity, stress, distance and disengagement. Vointy is an application that activates, guides and monitors wellbeing and supports doing and experiencing things together in an inspiring and encouraging way.

Vointy has been founded by a group of digital business professionals who have seen the challenges in developing well-being at work and how wellbeing and engagement can be improved. A number of wellbeing professionals are involved in Vointy's development and implementation work.

The values that are important to us both internally, in Vointy's solutions and towards our customers are caring, respect for others and authenticity. I hope these are reflected in everything we do. Welcome aboard!

Vointy's story

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