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With the help of Vointy, developing wellbeing at work is more cost-effective than ever. Now you can get Vointy's solutions for your organization free of charge for 14 days, so that we can show you its benefits risk-free! The trial period does not oblige you to continue using Vointy.

Fill out the form, after which you can choose a time for a 30-minute kickoff meeting from our calendar. Implementation is easy, and we help you achieve results! ​


Read more about the content of the service below.

Start a free trial

  • Easy to use mobile app

  • Personal wellbeing index

  • Features for communal workplace

  • Variety of useful content

  • Break alarm and exercises

1. Wellbeing platfrom for every employee

​Healthy personnel is the company's most important resource, which is worth and should be invested in. Vointy helps in measuring the wellbeing of personnel, makes activation easy and provides tools for developing wellbeing.

Lue lisää WaaS:stä

If you wish, during the trial period we will also implement welfare management as a service, which includes:

  • 2 pcs (1/week) of pulse surveys, which are used to stay weekly aware of, for example, the status of the personnel's recovery.

  • 1pc organization/team joint activity challenge.​

  • At the end of the test period, a report on the results and of the state of wellbeing.

3. Wellbeing-as-a-service

Fill the form and schedule a meeting from our calendar

Kickoff and 14-day free trial

Analyzing the wellbeing data and desicion on future

  • Progress of employee wellbeing

  • Unlimited use of survey tools

  • Challenges and tools for activating employees

2. Portal for HR: Wellbeing management tools 

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